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We value relationships. Before the search for the "perfect" candidate begins, we personally meet with our clients to understand their business and their specific project related goals and objectives. Working as a team with the client, we analyze the client's needs to determine the required set of KSAs. We are sensitive to the particular needs of each client and the subtler issues that extend beyond the job description. Corporate culture, attitude and lifestyle "fit" are some of the factors we take into consideration and that is why we do not consider recruitment a mere numbers game. For us, it is a mission-critical HR initiative and one of the most important and strategic building block for the development and success of any organization. We fully recognize and understand the fact that it is the human capital that makes or breaks an organization.

HR Capital and Services looks after every step of the recruitment process

1.      Receipt of applications and resumes

We filter our database and are tied up with India’s leading job portals to create a big pool of database.

2.      The screening process

We screen resumes and research available matches based on discussions with the client. Selected candidates are contacted and initial telephone interviews are conducted to screen and qualify selected candidates. This is not necessarily a one-time process.

3.      Face-to-face interviews with short listed candidates

When you are reviewing a submitted candidate from HR Capital, you will know that we have done more than pre-screened them. We have talked to them at length, conducted a minimum of two face-to face interviews, and determined that they are the best matches for the position based on the requirements and qualifications set forth.

4.      Time line and fees

 Most search assignments can usually be completed in 4-6 weeks. Names of our clients are kept confidential but may be disclosed to candidates after commencing a search. Our fees, already one of the lowest in the industry, are negotiable but always agreed to by our clients prior to commencing their search.

5.      Concluding the recruitment process

At the conclusion of a recruitment assignment, we submit to the client the top  candidates for each position. The client makes the final hiring decision. Our recruitment efforts end once the client hires our presented candidate. In case a candidate leaves at his own or gets fired for lack of competence within 2 months of hiring, we would replace that candidate free of charge to our client.

6.      Replacement of Candidates

In case a candidate leaves at his/her own or gets fired for lack of competence within 2 months of hiring, we would replace that candidate free of charge to our client.

Additional Services

  • Design and delivery of customized sales and product training program for sales representatives 
  • Design and develop floor behavior and telephone etiquette trainings.
  • Consultation is team building exercises and programs.
  • Employment Verification assignments.